Cropwatch Newsletter 4 - Red Alert Issue 


§14. Cannabis Regulation and Human Suffering.

As many commentators have noted, the Judge Dredd mentality is alive and well in the UK establishment. The Crown Prosecution Service is now ‘judging’ those mercy organisations such as THCforMS (Therapeutic Help from Cannabis for Multiple Sclerosis sufferers) with prosecutions. MS sufferers say that cannabis helps alleviate pain (some 30% are reported to use it) where prescription drugs have failed to work. Further, the Canadian cannabis-derived medicine Sativas, that can be sprayed under the tongue & is marketed by GW Pharmaceuticals, has effectively been in limbo since a license application was submitted to the MHRA in 2003 (Dyer 2006). Cropwatch is not surprised at this - for example it took the MHRA several months to reply to our first enquiry about kava-kava, and they have so far ignored a request for a transcript of a MHRA meeting on the subject.  


The Judge Dredd style prosecution takes place on July 24th against Jefferey Ditchfield the founder of THCforMC, for cultivation & supply of cannabis to the suffering. In our opinion the man deserves an OBE, not a jail sentence.  



Dyer C. (2006) “Prosecutors Take a Tough Line on Cannabis supplied to Relieve Pain”. Guardian Mon 17th July 2006 p14.


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